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Q Mastercard® may not be the most suitable product for this purpose. By clicking 'Let's get started' you acknowledge this and still wish to continue with the application.
Q Mastercard® may not be the most suitable product for this purpose. By clicking 'Let's get started' you acknowledge this and still wish to continue with the application.
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Things to know about Q Mastercard

This information is provided to help you make an informed decision about whether Q Mastercard is right for you. If you are unfamiliar with financial products we recommend that you seek independent advice before proceeding. For any assistance, including interpreter services, please call us on 0800 119 100.

Q Mastercard Benefits

Q Mastercard is your perfect shopping partner for purchases big or small, combining the benefits of a Mastercard with a range of interest-free deals. These include;

  • A minimum of three months no payments and no interest on every purchase, with no minimum spend in-store, online and overseas.
  • Extra breathing space when you make big ticket purchases with interest-free offers at participating merchants nationwide.

Current Annual Interest Rates

  • Standard Interest Rate is 25.99% p.a.
  • Cash Advance Rate is 27.25% p.a.

Minimum Payments

You will need to pay at least the Minimum Payment by the Due Date as set out in your monthly statement.

Account Fees

There are some fees for managing your Account, including:

  • Account fee - this is an annual fee of $50 applied to your account in two 6-monthly instalments ($25 upon opening your account and then $25 every 6 months thereafter).
  • Advance fee - $35 will be charged to your account every time you make a new Long Term Finance purchase, other than when you convert a transaction into Long Term Finance.

Please note fees & charges can be varied.

Credit Limits

A Q Mastercard provides you with a specified amount of credit that you can access using your Account and/or your card. You must ensure that your total unpaid balance does not exceed your credit limit.


If you have failed to keep up with your minimum payments on your account you will be in default which can result in the following:

  • Cancellation or restriction of further use of your Account and/or card.
  • Requirement of immediate repayment of any unpaid balance on your Account. This includes interest accrued but not yet charged and all amounts required to repay any Fixed Instalment.
  • Charging you default fees and recovery of reasonable enforcement expenses and collection costs.

Cancelling your card

You can cancel your Q Mastercard at any time as per the cardholder terms and conditions by calling us on 0800 119 100. You will still be responsible for all transactions made up until that time. The outstanding balance, including interest accrued but not yet charged, and all amounts required to repay any Fixed Instalments, will immediately become due and payable.

The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 provides you with certain cancellation rights, however time limits do apply.

Q Mastercard is issued by Columbus Financial Services Ltd, Private Bag 94013, Auckland 2241, New Zealand.

Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.